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God’s Grace-An Open Door

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I wasn’t all the way prepared for the latest snowstorm.

Yes, my wife and I did shovel the driveway.  And yes, I was able to throw ice melt on most of the black topped surfaces.  But before I knew it, the ice melt can was empty, and I hadn’t treated the entire driveway.  My first inclination was just to leave it go, as it would surely melt by itself.  Wrong!  In below zero temperatures, what was I thinking!

So my wife, (the smart one in the family), convinced me to call the local Ace Hardware to see if there was any remaining ice melt.  When I called, the manager of the store said that he had one bag of ice melt left, but the store had just closed because of the inclement weather.  But when he heard of my plight he said, “Come anyways, I will open the door.”

And did he ever!  After driving  the snow covered roads, I finally got to Ace, and the manager was waiting for me.  He  had the bag of ice melt on the counter ready to be checked out.  But he was also gracious enough to allow me to buy some needed furnace filters and use my $7 coupon.    Indeed, it was the place of the “helpful hardware man.”

Even though I didn’t deserve it, Gary, the Ace Hardware Manager, went the extra mile and “opened the door” for me. And that’s exactly was Jesus Christ has done for you, me, and all the world.  Even though we don’t deserve his grace because of our sin, he has “opened the door” for us anyways through his shed blood, death on the Cross, and resurrection from the dead.

Through Jesus “open door” we are the recipients of his everlasting love and forgiveness.  So let us repent, confess our sins, and through faith, walk through that “open door” of God’s mercy and love.


-Pastor Brad