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Introducing “The Morning Greeting”

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We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new section on our website called “The Morning Greeting.” Our own Dave Lambert has been sharing his morning greetings with friends and family for some time and has graciously agreed to allow us to share them with all of you.  We will be creating a new page on our website called “The Morning Greeting” and will begin sharing these with all of you soon!

Here’s a little bit about Dave:

“I grew up in Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Fairfax, VA and came to Christ at age 19. I have been following Jesus for more than forty years and have spent much of that time leading Bible studies and small groups. Happily married for 42 years, my wife Pam and I were Sunday school teachers and youth group leaders for more than 12 years in several churches of different denominations. In 1999, God spoke to me about sending out a daily internet devotional and I have been sending out the Morning Greeting for the past 16 years. I send it most weekday mornings to several hundred readers around the world. I write about whatever catches my attention in studying the scriptures or whatever happens in my life. I have no particular writing schedule; I write anytime I think I’m hearing from God and I’m always happy to receive comments from readers.” ~Dave Lambert