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Baptism of Our Lord

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You are my son Luke 3 22

This week we celebrate the Baptism of Our Lord. Jesus is revealed, as God recognizes him as his son.


The Baptism of Our Lord cannot help but recall our own and all baptismal blessings. We recall and celebrate our adoption as daughters and sons, the gift of the Holy Spirit, and the promised company of almighty God when we “pass through the waters . . . the rivers . . . fire.” On this day the heavens open again, for this assembly, and we receive the gift of the beloved Son of God in bread and wine.


Three Wise Men and Epiphany

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From Pastor Dennis Di Mauro, our friend at Trinity Lutheran Church, Warrenton. Listen to his radio broadcast:

“The Three Wise Men and Epiphany”

Click here for the radio show:

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Project Hope: Helping Survivors of Human Trafficking

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Joyce Meyer Human Trafficking

From Joyce Meyer:

“Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Hand of Hope is actively working to rescue and restore those trapped in this horrific industry.

“THE SEX SLAVE INDUSTRY—also known as “human trafficking”—is a modern day atrocity that exists far below most of our awareness. We tend to assume it isn’t much of a problem in the United States. But the truth is, human trafficking happens everywhere. And our largest cities, such as Los Angeles, are hubs for trafficking in America.

The facts are shocking. It is estimated there are more than three hundred thousand victims of human trafficking right now in the U.S. alone. Fifty percent of them are under the age of 18. Approximately 10,000 women in Los Angeles are currently trafficked in underground brothels. These victims lose their identity, dignity and hope.

And only one percent are ever rescued.”

Please read more about this important subject by reading this article from Joyce’s website:

Project Hope: Helping Survivors of Human Trafficking